Bloom & Flow Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bloom & Flow Pour Over Coffee Maker

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The contemporary pour-over coffee brewer. One carafe for use with any V-shape paper cone filter, allows to brew all 2,4 or 6 cups.

Brewer consists of the stylish glass carafe and a unique funnel insert which provides an optimized bloom and flow of your coffee through the paper cone.

Made in Germany with machine blown borosilicate glass for improved thermal properties, the BLOOM AND FLOW™️ carafe can be placed with liquid inside on a stove or over an open flame; it is also microwave-safe. The silicone collar is soft to the touch and is available in red or black, matching the colors of our coffee grinder. To keep your coffee warm, BLOOM ANDFLOW™️ comes with a lid.

1. Pre-rinse the filter while inside the funnel and remove excess water after rinsing the filter.

2. Weigh out 10 g per cup (20–60 g ground – should be medium coarse in size) and add the ground coffee inside the filter.

3. Bloom stage: Pour a small amount of hot water over the coffee to wet the grounds, and allow around 30 seconds for them to ‘bloom’.

4. Flow stage: Pour hot water in a slow spiral motion. Keep water level to ensure enough pressure for a continuous flow.
Aim for a brewing time of 4 minutes. If the brewing time exceeds a four minute time limit, simply remove the funnel by its handle and place the funnel in a separate cup to finish straining through. By keeping your brew time under four minutes, your coffee will remain well balanced and will avoid any bitter side tastes that may occur from over extraction.

If it runs too fast, then adjust the ground coarseness finer. If it runs too slow, then make the ground more coarse.

5. Dispose the used filter by removing the funnel by the handle and enjoy a perfectly balanced coffee! Place the lid inside the carafe to trap in the heat.